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  • Excellent hostel with all the amenities you expect from on..

    Excellent hostel with all the amenities you expect from one..

    It was all straight forward during our stay. Check in was quick into our dormitory on 2nd floor (no lift) and they explained where everything was and how it worked. Mixed dormitory with 8 others but that was fine. No one snored The beds were nice with sockets/USB-ports for charging by every bed and small lockers for valuables by the wall. No big lockers and linens are charged extra, but we had sleeping bags so no problem for us. Toilets were close and clean and showers in the basement were also very nice. They had a washer and dryer that you paid for with quick programs that we used and worked perfectly and the kitchen had everything you needed.
    Would definitely stay again

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    Akureyri Backpackers bur upp gistingu bi svefnpokaplssum svefnslum og tveggja manna herbergjum me uppbnum rmum.

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    Akureyri Backpackers er stasett besta sta mib Akureyrar, Hafnarstrti 98. Han er stutt alla helstu jnustu og aeins tekur fimm mntur a ganga sund

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Akureyri Backpackers er hostel ea gistiheimili me herslu hagkvma gistingu og lflegt umhverfi.Ef ert a leita r af vinalegri og hagkvmri gistingu hjarta Akureyrar mlum vi me a kannir Akureyri Backpackers. Vi bjum upp marga mguleika fyrir einstaklinga og hpa af llum gerum. Fjlskyldur eru srstaklega velkomnar til okkar. Gestir okkar urfa a hafa n 18 ra aldri nema eir su fylgd forramanna.

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Akureyri Backpackers | Hafnarstrti 98 | 600 Akureyri - Iceland | Smi. + 354 571 9050 | akureyri@backpackers.is